Adopt a Pet, Dog, Cat and Bird.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

1. You are saving a life


There are so many animals that are homeless and in dire need of love and care. Each year millions are killed because there is no room in shelters, starve to death on the streets or die from neglect by abusive owners.


All my animals have come from shelters, homeless on the streets or from friends that just couldn’t care for them anymore. Adopted pets, especially the ones that have not been fostered have a sense of gratitude and can be so loving and loyal.

Adopt a Pet, Dog and Cat playing.

2. Store bought/breeder pets can be very costly


Pets from shelters are considerably less expensive than those purchased commercially. My motto is,

“Friends can’t be bought.”

I do not intend to insult or upset any animal breeders out there. I just want people to be aware of the plight of the homeless animal.


3. Rescue groups offer healthy pets


Pets are examined by vets and often spayed or neutered and other health issues are a high priority when you adopt from a local shelter or rescue group. Your pet has been humanely treated and its life is highly valued by the kind person or family that has fostered and cared for your pet. They understand the animal’s needs and can help make the transition to your home a much healthier and pleasant experience. 

Thinking about adopting a four-legged friend? Check out ASPCA nationwide database good pets looking for good homes.


Adoptable Dogs in Your Local Shelter


Adoptable Cats in Your Local Shelter


All life is valuable and animals need a voice in the world.

Not ready to adopt?

Please give generously to the ASPCA.


Eden’s Corner proudly supports and endorses the ASPCA.  

4. Pets can improve your health


We all know that giving and receiving love makes us feel good. The unconditional love of a pet warms the heart and brings much happiness to our lives. Please see our article “Can Pets Improve Your Health?” 


5. You won’t be supporting puppy mills


The horrors of puppy mills are the best reason to adopt. These poor animals are raised in horrific conditions. Many of them die and those who do survive are often sickly. These puppies are often deceptively sold via the internet or in classified advertising. PLEASE before you buy from a pet store, online or an ad, thoroughly research the origin of the animal. Better yet, adopt.

Adopt a Pet, Dog and Cat eating together.


Where can you find a pet to adopt?

It’s easy to find a local shelter or rescue group that holds monthly events in your area. Check with a local veterinarian or visit a natural foods pet store or other pet product suppliers that feature adoption events in your area. 

When you adopt you save a life. That life may also save you.

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