Organic Vegetables and fruits. 5 Reasons I Eat Organic

5 Reasons I Eat Organic

5 Reasons Why Organic is Best for You



Organic foods are NOT fertilized with human sewage sludge. Yes, that’s poop. What’s in it that makes it worse than it sounds? Some items found are heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, etc., pharmaceuticals, dioxins and lots more cancer causing stuff.


How does it get into your food?


Plants grown in sewage sludge take up the poisons by their roots and you ingest them. Animals that are NOT raised organically also feed upon sewage sludge fertilized crops and again you ingest them via the meat. You become toxic and poisoned by the accumulation of these toxins in your body.

Human Sewage Sludge holding tank farm. 5 Reasons I Eat Organic

Why would commercial farming use

sewage sludge?


For the same reason fluoride is in A LOT OF TAP WATER, toothpaste, mouthwash, baby products, etc. By selling it to farmers with the help of a corrupt government system, treatment plants can legally dispose of this toxic by-product without threat of lawsuit or pollution violations.


Why on fields and gardens?


The Ocean Dumping ban of 1987

forced the “sewage industry” to create new dumping grounds. Their brilliant idea of repurposing the stuff for profit (just like good ole toxic fluoride) has proven quite successful. They’re even selling it for residential use to gardeners under clever names like Tegra, Gro-Co, and Milorganite.




These harmful and unnatural methods  distort nature to produce food that is wreaking havoc on our bodies. It may be decades before we have a clear understanding of their devastating impact to our species and all of life on our planet.




Conventional farming relies heavily on chemicals. Chemicals initially created for war became the standard in farm and household use. Soon after corporate geniuses began profiting by selling to farmers.  Virtually unregulated, these toxic chemicals are polluting water; nearby streams, lakes and the ocean.

Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

What causes these things?

Agricultural practices are the biggest culprit in the United States and Europe. Rains wash excess fertilizer from farms into interior waterways, which eventually empty into the ocean. At the mouths of rivers, such as the Mississippi, the glut of phosphorous and nitrogen intended for human crops instead feeds marine phytoplankton.

Excrement-fueled dead zones of the modern world.

PNG NRDC logo 8kbs.png

Factory farms create excess manure that can flow into nearby waterways and groundwater sources. Fumes from the manure emit toxins such as hydrogen sulfide, which pollute the air. Conventional farming also relies heavily on fossil fuels to create toxic crops which have a negative impact on the environment and unsuspecting populations that consume these unhealthy food products.


According to our research, conventionally grown agriculture, once touted for its high productivity and quality, has declining nutrient value. Organic crops are grown in mineral rich soil, resulting in soil that would of course, produce healthier food crops.In the 2000 National Water Quality Inventory reported that agricultural non-point source (NPS) pollution is the leading source of water quality impacts on surveyed rivers and lakes,

the second largest source of impairments to wetlands, and a major contributor to contamination of surveyed estuaries and ground water.

Agriculture Cleanup Mississippi. 5 Reasons I Eat Organic

Agricultural runoff is water leaving farm fields because of rain, melted snow, or irrigation. As runoff moves, it picks up and carries pollution, which it can deposit into ponds, lakes, coastal waters, and underground sources of drinking water.



Food is the foundation of health. Organic soil and its growing methods, nourishes our bodies the way nature intended. We are natural beings; we were never designed to consume toxic chemicals or artificial foods. Our creator has given us everything that will sustain our healthy lives.  


We were not created to pollute and destroy ourselves, nor treat animals with cruelty or destroy our planet. Our wise creator made every creation with love and we are here to live peacefully and in harmony upon this great earth.




I love and respect myself, others, and our beautiful world. I honor life. I strive to live with integrity; each decision is based upon the effect it will have, morally and ethically upon  every level of life. May we all endeavor to be a positive expression of humanity.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
Organic Farm Please Do No Spray Sign. 5 Reasons I Eat Organic

When you truly understand the impact of conventional farming, and the destruction of everything it touches, you are able to take responsibility for your actions and be accountable for every choice you make. We create the future of our species and our earth with each decision we make every day.

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