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5 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

5 Reasons Diets Really Don’t Work


There are dozens of popular diet programs today. The 5 reasons diets don’t work is that your successful program for weight loss must be consistent with the four cornerstones of good health: proper diet, a positive mental attitude, adequate exercise and the right support for the body through natural measures such as meditation, breathing, posture and bodywork


Weight loss starts with getting your lifestyle right.

Adopting a diet that supports your health and well-being will give you the freedom to maintain optimal weight and a body free from chronic illness.

Bathroom scale with the words, 5 Reasons Diets Don't Work.

Reason Number 1


Deprivation does not feel good, mentally or physically. Your body will resist by slowing your metabolism making it virtually impossible to lose unwanted pounds.


Reason Number 2


Most diets are unbalanced. Limiting calories may initially cause you to lose weight, but if you do not receive the nutrients your body needs you will crave food. Lacking essential nutrients, your body is literally starving.


Understanding which foods support excellent health and which foods destroy it, is paramount to your well-being and weight management. 


Reason Number 3


“Diet foods” do not satisfy your need to feed! Dangerously unhealthy; replete with sugars, table salt, addictive chemicals masked as artificial or natural flavors, chemical dyes, MSG, GMO’s and loads more ingredients that wreak havoc on your body. These “anti-nutrient” foods deplete your body of necessary nutrients. In addition, diet food products are generally “fortified” with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Synthetic vitamins deplete the body's own mineral reserves which can result in mineral deficiencies (osteoporosis, for example). Cheap, fake supplements are a waste of money and do nothing but harm your body.


FYI: 95% of commercial vitamin supplements are made from lab-created chemicals. As a rule: If it’s advertised on television, don’t buy it. Looking for a quality supplement? Visit Eden’s Best Supplements.

Ingredients on a package of food, 70 plus ingredients listed.
Jamie Oliver holding a plate of healthy food.

Real food doesn't have ingredients,

Real food is ingredients.

-Jamie Oliver

Reason Number 4


Overeating can be caused by emotional trauma. Until the emotional trauma is addressed you’ll continue to binge eat or yo-yo diet. If you do lose weight you gain it back because you return to your old eating habits which are driven by unresolved emotional issues.


Reason Number 5


Dieting alone does not guarantee weight loss. Unless other lifestyle factors are addressed, optimum health and weight is impossible. Food is but one aspect of the weight equation.


Strategies that teach stress management, proper hydration with the use of pure water, nutrient dense foods, the importance of sufficient (and deep) sleep are crucial to your state of mind and well-being. A mind/body in balance naturally maintains a healthy weight.


Basic Law of Body Weight


If you weighed 166 lbs. x 14 calories per pound and ate (on average) 2,324 calories per day, then binged adding 300 calories, your weight will increase.


However, you will eventually hit a point of equilibrium. Because as you gain weight, you need more calories to maintain that weight.


So, a person eating an average of 2,340 calories per day will hit equilibrium at (2,340) 166lbs X 14 = 2,340 Calories.


  • Fat loss = 12 calories per lb. of bodyweight

  • Maintenance Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) = 14 - 16 calories per lb. of bodyweight

  • Weight gain: = 18 - 19 calories per lb. of bodyweight


Although this calculation is an estimation, we feel it is an exciting and simple formula to use as you begin your weight loss journey.


Why You Gain Your Weight Back


So let's say that you eat, on average, 2,340 calories per day and reach equilibrium at 166 pounds. Then you go on a crash diet where you eat only 1,000 calories per day for 60 days. You lose 16 pounds and reach your target weight of 150 pounds. But then you go back to eating 2,340 calories per day again. This tells a big story, right here!


There are draw backs to this method however, in that it doesn’t consider other factors that affects one’s lifestyle, hence, weight management. Below we have added calculators that may better suit your needs.


For many of you, data analyzers in particular, the simplicity of this formula makes it an exciting tool to assist in your weight loss/management endeavor.

Enemy Number 1


Sugar is now the most ubiquitous foodstuff worldwide, and has been added to virtually every processed food, limiting consumer choice and the ability to avoid it. Approximately 80 percent of the 6,000,000 consumer packaged foods in the United States have added caloric sweeteners.

-Dr. Robert Lustig

According to the American Heart Association, added sugars contribute additional calories and zero nutrients to food.


There are four calories in one gram, so if a product has 15 grams of sugar per serving, that’s 60 calories just from the sugar alone, not counting the other ingredients.

Over the past 30 years, Americans have steadily consumed more and more added sugars in their diets, which has contributed to the obesity epidemic. Reducing the amount of added sugars we eat cuts calories and can help you improve your heart health and control your weight.

-American Heart Association

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

Daily Added Sugar Limit


  • Women no more than: 6 teaspoons (25 grams) that equal 100 calories.

  • Men no more than: 9 teaspoons (36 grams) that equal 150 calories.


1 12oz can of Coke has 33 grams of sugar or eating 8 teaspoons of granulated white sugar in a single serving.



Popular Ways to Work off a Can of Coke


  • Jogging = 17 minutes

  • Climbing Stairs = 19 minutes

  • Mowing the Lawn = 21 minutes

  • Yoga Class = 32 minutes

  • Vacuuming = 70 minutes


Coca Cola came out with a Work it out Calculator, you can find the story here.


It seems the calculator (404) has gone missing, hmmmm


Love of Eden


Calorie Calculators


TDEE Calculator


Healthy weight loss begins with a healthy mindset and lifestyle change. How do you get it? Follow Eden’s Corner Wellness Journey and peruse these resources.


Free Your Mind- Learning to meditate can ease your stress levels.


Yoga- Simple exercise virtually anyone can do


Eating to Live- Eden’s article resource for healthy foods


After viewing this article, you can clearly understand the 5 reasons diets don’t work. For resources, inspiration and motivation, read Eden’s Weight Loss for Life.  



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