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3 Tips to Better Understand the Child 

Understanding the Child

“All behavior is an attempt to have a need met.”

- Center for Non-Violence

To better understand our children, we must first understand ourselves and who we are as a person and parent. Your personality will greatly affect your child’s behavior and mood. Young children absorb the attitudes and beliefs of those around them, especially their parents. Happy, well-adjusted parents tend to have happy children.


There are no “bad” children, only parents in need of training.

Kids in a swiming pool, happy. 3 Tips to Better Understand the Child

Children Are Blessings

Children are a gift and a blessing. There are times when their behavior is confusing and frustrating. Understanding your child’s behavior will make life easier for you and your child.


As your child’s teacher and protector it is up to you to do your best.

You can do your best only when you have taken care of you. That is, when you take care of your mind and your body. A nourishing diet and healthy lifestyle will create an environment that nurtures your child. 

It is imperative that you balance your mind/body/spirit

to be happy and create a loving relationship with your children.

When you feel good about who you are and the way your life is unfolding, it is reflected in your experiences with your child.


A safe, secure home that encourages, praises and sends messages of love and care will build a strong foundation that is crucial to the mental/physical/spiritual development of your child.

4 kids playing with each other. 3 Tips to Better Understand the Child

1. Observe your Child


Observe your child as they sleep, eat or play. Which activities do they like best? Do they adjust well to change or resist and shy away from new experiences? Their temperament will greatly affect their ability to adapt to change. Are they shy or outgoing?

Dad and son talking. 3 Tips to Better Understand the Child

2. Talk to Your Child


It is crucial you take time to talk to your children. Asking them questions will allow them to share their feelings with you. Your child’s behavior has meaning. In young children their behavior is their preferred method of communicating joy, frustration and fear.

Family cooking together. 3 Tips to Better Understand the Child.

3. Teach Social Skills


Your child will model your behavior. Having healthy and productive relationships with family and friends teach positive behaviors your child will adopt.

Children are a product of their environment; wherever they spend most of their time, be it home, school, etc. will mold and shape their impressionable young minds.

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For more parenting help consult the books below.

Family counseling may  also be helpful.

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