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3 Day Juice Fast & Cleanse

Fresh organic juices offer a great way to detox and increase health and vitality. The nutritional qualities of fresh juices help your body heal and rebuild while cleansing it of harmful toxins.


Fresh juices give your body high-quality nutrients without burdening the body’s digestive system. Abstaining from food will give your digestive system a much-needed rest from the rigors of digesting daily meals.

Juice Cleanse for three day with 3 recipes lay out here on the table.

Juice fasting also helps you acquire a taste for fresh, live organic produce which increases your vitality and makes live foods more desirable after your fast.


While we don’t generally mix fruits and vegetables together in a drink, we find that apples make the drink more palatable and more agreeable to most tastes. Apples are also one of nature’s best medicines.


Avoid bottled or canned juices as they have no life-giving nutrients in them. We want the freshest, highest-quality, organic produce to go into our bodies during a juice fast.


Fresh, homemade juices should be drunk right away. However, if need be, store your juice in a tightly sealed quart glass jar in your refrigerator. If you are too busy to make juice every day, make ahead and freeze for later use.


*Freezing Notes:


Leave 1” headspace at top of jar for expansion. Label jar. Frozen juice takes about 3 days to thaw in the fridge. Place frozen juice in ice cold water for several hours to hasten thawing before placing in fridge.


*Produce Notes:


Organic produce contains necessary minerals you cannot get from conventionally grown produce. In addition, organic produce is free of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, sewage sludge and possible GMO’s that burden your body with toxins.


*Juicer Notes:


Whether it’s a slow, masticating juicer or centrifugal type, your juice should always be made in a juicer. Check out our favorites at Eden's Juicer Picks.

Day 1:

Pop’s Green Drink


4 apples


2-3 cucumbers


1 bunch spinach


4 Lg. kale leaves


1 bunch   celery


1 lemon


1 bunch parsley


1 bunch cilantro

Day 2:

Colon Cleanse

2 lg. beets

(with greens if they’re fresh)


1 bunch celery


15 carrots


1 cucumber


10 lg. romaine leaves

(Handful of spinach)


2 lemons


1 bunch parsley


1 bunch cilantro


2 thumbs ginger root

Day 3:

Liver & Kidney Flush


3 lg. beets


15 carrots


6 apples


1 bunch celery


1 cucumber


1 bunch spinach


2 tomatoes


1 lemon



  1. Make one drink each day. Begin with Pop’s Green Drink. Drink 1 cup every hour.

  2. Drink pure, filtered water between juices. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  3. In the evening you may drink a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile or lemon balm.


Important Note: Use organic produce as your circumstances allow. Conventionally grown produce is toxic with harmful chemicals. Something you don’t want when you’re cleansing your body. Consult EWG for the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen.


New to juicing? Visit Eden’s Corner for produce and juicing tips.

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