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10 Ways to Relieve Stress Now

Virtually every disease manifests in a body that is “stressed.” It is the weak link that ruins your mental and physical health. Here are 10 simple tools you can use right now to improve your mood, well-being, relationships and virtually every area of your life. Adopt these easy-to-learn strategies and live without stress. Your body will be healthier and your life, happier! 

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1. Breathe


It’s second nature to hold the breath when you feel tense or anxious. Holding your breath actually increases stress hormones to flood your body. Learn to breathe.


Practice this breathing technique to get you calm and centered.


Proper way to breathe:


Place one hand on your chest and the other on the lower part of your stomach (diaphragm). Exhale any air in your lungs. Inhale deep through your nose filling the bottom portion of your lungs. If done properly your shoulders will barely move. Fill your lungs to maximum capacity for a count of 4.


Hold for 10 seconds. Visualize your body relaxing. Repeat a word or phrase such as, “I am calm,” or “I breathe in calm.” 


Exhale long through your mouth. Begin at the top of your lungs and move down until all air is expelled. To stay calm and focused you can repeat a word or phrase such as, “I am calm,” or “I breathe out tension.” One of my favorites is “I am well.”



2. Learn To Say NO


If you’re in the habit of spreading yourself thin reconsider the time you give to others. You have to take care of number one, that’s you, otherwise you will not have the time and energy to fully care for others. When someone asks you for a favor and you know in your heart you do not have the time and energy simply say, “I’m sorry but that won’t work for me.”

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3. Laugh


Do what it takes to think of funny, crazy stuff. It’ll lighten the mood and energy. You don’t have to tell others what you’re thinking (especially if you’re among somber individuals). I once stood up during a very intense and extensive board meeting and in my best Harry Belafonte voice started singing “Day O.” You know the song from Beetlejuice? 


“Daylight comin’ and me wanna go home.”


Laughter is the best medicine. Get into the habit of watching comedies and seeing the brighter side of life.



4. Make A List


Whatever keeps coming up, write it down. Feel safe knowing it’s there and won’t be forgotten. Remember the word “triage.” Or simply stated, “worst first.” I do this when I have chores or responsibilities I really dislike like scrubbing floors, bathrooms and vacuuming.

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5. Crank Up The Tunes


Music is a stress game changer. It will change your energy in seconds. Sing and dance!



6. Move Your Body


Whatever you love. Dance, walking, yoga, swimming, bicycling, anything to get the feel-good hormones flowing.



7. Drink


Not martinis, good ole H20. Being dehydrated will add to your anxiety and fog your brain. Get hydrated. Drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of pure water daily.


3 girls with there arms wrapped around each other.

8. Connect!


Talk to friends that are calming and reliable. Go to your Facebook page and see what everyone is doing. Stay away from downers. Pin! Check out all the cool stuff Rick has done on our Pinterest page. Pinterest people have valuable content to ease your stress. Laugh, get creative and have fun!



9. Sleep More


Eat lightly several hours before bed. Listen to calm music and DON’T watch TV or do strenuous exercise at least two hours before bed. Exciting entertainment can over stimulate your brain.



10. Bless Your Day and Meditate


Being grateful even for the hard stuff will shift your energy. Obstacles can be seen as seeds of opportunity. Look for the miracles in everyday life. Meditate. It’s easy and it’s the only true vacation you’ll ever get! Really!


The Past is Gone, The Future is Not Here, Now I Am Free of Both.


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