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10 Things My Wife Taught Me

Student and Teacher


My task at hand is to take this subject with minimal amount of words and to express to you how important it is. Who am I? I am the layman, the simple minded, and the skeptic and might I say, the guinea pig.


I have been on the quest, the challenge, and the journey. I have been the student and on occasion the teacher. I am the husband. Yes, I was caught before I could get out of the house and very nicely asked, “Could I write some thoughts as to the importance of this subject?” You see I’ve noticed lately my wife seems to be getting, how can I say this, well, smarter. She knows after ten years of marriage, her as the student and me as the teacher, alright we know I turned that one around...

Husband covering his face and the wife with her arms crossed.

She has always said I’m a little “buckie” at times. I’m always bucking her, huh? Let’s just say this whole health thing was highly suspect to me. You want me to eat what? And why can’t I buy that? That one’s a lot cheaper over there and why are we spending more for that one? My head was spinning. Slowly the food that I loved was slipping away, oh so slowly but slipping away. The old adage, if you do it slow enough, they will never know what hit ‘em was coming true.

She had no idea who she was dealing with! Humph. I was the oldest of five and worshipped by my siblings. I had set the bar high in the standards of whining and sniveling.

The Evolution Began


Well folks, my evolution began.

I started out as a meat and potato guy. Then potatoes and meat and very little veggies (the veggies went into a napkin nice and neat and straight to the toilet). Then off to lots and lots of dessert.


The kid never left me.

Boy I loved my mom. I have to inject this in here before I go any further. The food when I was a kid is not the same food today.


My wife started in on me slow so very slow, pretty much the first time we went shopping.


I of course was in charge.


As soon as I put something into the shopping cart she would reach in, take it out and put it back from the exact spot I got it from. She would mumble something like if you have to have that then keep it to three ingredients or less (now I’m supposed to read the label?!) What the F#&K was she talking about?


Man, I have to tell you she has a lot to learn. Have you ever tried to get your favorite treat to under three ingredients?

I read the side of the package.

My treat had at least twenty or more ingredient with names I had never heard of. How could a little cake or brownie have so many ingredients?

Box of my favorite sponge cake.

The Student


She had no idea who she was dealing with! Humph. I was the oldest of five and worshipped by my siblings. I had set the bar high in the standards of whining and sniveling. I was a professional at getting what I wanted. Dang, 


did I mention how stubborn this woman was?


So off we went, me about five steps behind carrying on, her in the lead like nothing had just happened. We were headed to the produce section. No, I wasn’t giving up, just regrouping.


Ta Daa, we have arrived, the produce section. I’m running around, keeping my distance and looking at all the food I do not like. We should be in and out of this section in less than a minute, yea, that’s what I thought. Iceberg lettuce, couple of tomatoes and we’re gone. I would glance over keeping my eyes on her, not making eye contact of course. She would pick up a vegetable, and put it down with a puzzled look on her face. She was scanning the whole produce section systematically searching, in search of what? This was my store, the lettuce is here, the tomato there, and let’s go.


I forgot to mention one important factor in this story; when we were introduced and during the interview stages a few subjects kept coming up. They (her family) would say she’s a heath nut, vegetarian we think, she does yoga, meditation, she might be a hippie but she’s really nice, and you’re going to love her.

The Kill


Health nut, vegetarian, produce section. Can you say flash; here it was rushing back to me, man I had to do some quick thinking. I ran over to the cooler and quickly grabbed a pre-mix bag of salad. This will do it I thought, maybe grabbing a couple of good boy points at the same time. I just saved the day and she doesn’t have to fret anymore, we’re out of here.


I promptly ran back to her holding this bag of salad,

like a cat would do with a fresh kill,

all proud and stuff.

A bag of classic romaine, the kill.

The next couple of minutes were kinda fuzzy and seemed like an eternity. This right here is why men do not like to shop with their wives.


Right there in the middle of the produce section

she started in on me.

I heard words like organic, non-organic, GMOs, non-GMO, MSG and human sludge. Things were coming at me so fast the only thing I caught was, human sludge, what the hell is human sludge?!

Sewage Sludge or “Biosolids.”


Sewage sludge is what goes down the drain or toilet from your home, hospitals, and industries through a maze of sewer pipes and finally arrives at the wastewater treatment plant. The water is removed and what is left over is called

sewage sludge or biosolids. Great name.

Moral of Story


Task at hand, remember the beginning? Here we are full circle, finally. Let’s just say most grocery store food is highly suspect! Be honest, the only food that isn’t suspect would be the food that only one person had touched.


Whoa before you get all fired up let me finish. Remember that treat I had to put back? I finally got it. Ta Daa. I feel great! So to this day I am not a vegetarian, close but no. Maybe 90% fruits and vegetables, 9% meat and 1% processed. If you can’t or won’t give up meat, remember to buy grass fed and organic. Like I said, change comes very slowly.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

My wife is a huge advocate of organic food when at all possible.


She has become the master at what grocery stores carry in organic food.


Through Eden’s Corner you will see organic a lot. We hope through this journey you will see how important organic foods are.


My task was to help you understand the importance of quality food. This is not an easy task. I have added a link to another page. Here I will try to break it down a little more. My hope is it will help you the reader make some sense of this organic whole health food revolution.


We know at Eden’s Corner that knowledge is power. We also know it’s like grocery shopping; you’ll pick up what you need for this very moment and leave the rest. 


Thanks for reading. I’ll leave you with my link why organic ??

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